Treating Erectile Dysfunction With Exercises

Treating Erectile Dysfunction With Exercises - Generic Villa

Erectile Dysfunction is a condition in which a man can’t get or maintain an erection for a long time. It is a very common disease and around 15 million to 30 million men suffer from this disorder.

There are multiple medications available in the market to treat erectile dysfunction, generic and patented in nature.

But erectile dysfunction is a long term disorder and the effect of medications is temporary, because of this some people find it ineffective to use medications.

Before jumping to drugs, it is very important to educate yourself on various alternatives like exercising. Exercises in Itself can be enough to treat erectile dysfunction.

In Erectile Dysfunction a man is unable to get an erection because the blood flow in the pulmonary blood vessels presents around the penis is very slow. Any kind of treatment basically involves relaxing the pulmonary blood vessels to flow faster and smooth the flow of blood.

Exercising essentially does the same. It increases the blood flow in certain areas of the blood that helps in getting an erection.

How does exercise help with Erectile Dysfunction?

In addition to a lot of other help benefits, exercise helps in treating Erectile Dysfunction in men and helps them in getting an erection. Regular exercise is like a medication for the circulatory system of the body.

It helps in increasing the blood flow throughout the body. This is very essential for erections. One of the many reasons men suffer from erectile dysfunction is because the blood flow in the pelvic area is not enough to sustain an erection.

When a man has sexually aroused the blood flow in the penis increases. This increased blood flow makes the penis hard and gives the penis an erection enough to sustain sexual activity. Without the right amount of blood flow in the pulmonary blood vessels, it can be very hard to get an erection.

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There will either be a very weak erection that won’t be long-lasting and not hard enough to penetrate or there will be no erection at all. Inadequate blood flow problems can be treated by exercise.

Exercising helps in increasing the blood flow in the pelvic area. The muscles present in the pelvic area of a person helps in maintaining the flow of blood that reaches the penis of a person which further helps a man to get a sustained erection.

Pelvic muscles put pressure on the penile veins (veins present in the penis) creating high blood pressure. Due to high blood pressure, the blood gets trapped in the penis making an erection possible.

After a man ejaculates, the blood flow of a person starts flowing out reducing the pressure of blood in the penis.

This blood starts reaching every other part of the body. So, it’s important to make sure the pelvic floor muscles are working at their full potential to maintain high blood pressure.

Not only does exercise help in increasing the penile blood flow it also helps one in staying fit and keeping body weight under check.

Exercise also helps in increasing the testosterone levels in men which helps in boosting confidence. Psychological factors like anxiety and depression can also contribute to Erectile Dysfunction.

Exercising also helps in improving the overall mental health of a person. It helps in dealing with mental issues like depression, anxiety, restlessness. All these factors also contribute to getting an erection.

What kind of exercises help with Erectile Dysfunction?

Exercises that target the pelvic floor are also known at Pelvic floor exercises or Kegels are the most effective exercises for erectile dysfunction. These exercises are known to target the bottom area of the pelvis which is also known as pubococcygeus muscle.

These muscles start from the tailbone to the pubic bone of a person and are used to give support to all the pelvic organs.

If a man is suffering from erectile dysfunction, chances are the pubococcygeus muscle has weakened. Weakened Pubococcygeus muscle can’t prevent the blood flowing out of the penis, which is very important to get an erection. Performing Kegel exercises helps in strengthening the Pubococcygeus muscle and also helps in toning the muscle.

Unlike erectile dysfunction medication, kegel exercises take up four to six wear before showing any effect.  Apart from Kegel exercises, Aerobic exercise can also be helpful in curing erectile dysfunction.

Studies show that people who practice aerobic exercises at least 4 times a week for at least 40 mins witnessed the best results. The intensity for each session should be moderate to high. Some type of aerobic exercises includes – cycling, boxing, running, skipping, spin classes, and rowing.

Aerobic exercises should be continued for at least 6 months. All these exercises help in maintaining the blood flow in the vessels and heart.

More On Kegel Exercise

Kegel exercises are useful for multiple clinical circumstances. These exercises can be used as a therapy of some sexual disorders including erectile dysfunction.

Unlike most erectile dysfunction medications, Kegel exercise can help both men and women. Performing Kegel exercises along with medication can even cure erectile dysfunction.

These exercises majorly help in treating erectile dysfunction were the underlying factors that are psychological in nature.

Practicing these exercises can increase confidence, control, sexual performance, and even pleasure.

Kegel exercises are not like any other regular exercise and are difficult to master. It is very important to make sure that you are targeting the correct muscles while doing the exercises.

These are taught by professionals that have specialized in these exercises.

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1. Can Pelvic Floor Exercises Cure Erectile Dysfunction?

According to science and research, exercises have a positive impact in treating erectile dysfunction and increase the ability to sustains an erection. There are cases where pelvic floor exercises have cured erectile dysfunction for some people, but in most of the cases, it doesn’t.

2. After how long do the exercises start working?

Pelvic floor exercises start showing a positive effect within four to six weeks of practice. You can start noticing the changes in erection post that.

3. How do Pelvic Floor exercises work?

Pelvic floor exercises help in toning and strengthening the Pubococcygeus muscle which helps in preventing the blood to leave from the penile veins. This helps is getting an erection.

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