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Tadalista (Tadalafil)

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Active Ingredient (Generic Name):



Erectile Dysfunction


Fortune Healthcare Pvt. Ltd.


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Tadalista (Tadalafil) - 5mg

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Tadalista 10mg (Tadalafil)

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Tadalista 20mg (Tadalafil)

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Tadalista 40mg (Tadalafil)

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Tadalista 60mg (Tadalafil)

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Tadalista Professional (Tadalafil)

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90 Tablet/s $100.00 $1.11 /Piece
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Tadalista CT (Tadalafil)

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120 Tablet/s $121.00 $1.01 /Piece
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Tadalista Super Active (Tadalafil)

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90 Capsule/s $100.00 $1.11 /Piece
120 Capsule/s $121.00 $1.01 /Piece
150 Capsule/s $140.00 $0.93 /Piece
300 Capsule/s $238.00 $0.79 /Piece


Erectile dysfunction is a problem with which, according to world statistics, every tenth male is encountered.

It is not associated with ageing; it can also occur in young people and older men, but the cause of the origin is different. For younger people, erectile dysfunction is most often of a psychic nature, while in the older it is the result of a disease (organic nature).

In the sea of drugs used to treat erectile dysfunction, it is very difficult to find the right one. Such a drug must be a real friend in trouble, be effective in the shortest possible time, be with as few side effects, and last long enough to satisfy your partner.

In addition to the already known drugs containing tadalafil as the main substance, one drug stands out, which is Tadalista, medicine for erectile dysfunction.

What is Tadalista?

Tadalista contains the active substance tadalafil, which belongs to the group of drugs called phosphodiesterase type 5 (PDE5) inhibitors.

It significantly improves sexual function by helping to relax the blood vessels in the penis and thus provide blood flow.

The active substance is tadalafil, the same substance is also found in other products of this kind.

The most important characteristics of this molecule are a long-lasting effect, which can last up to 36 hours, as well as the fact that the concentration of the drug in plasma and its effect is not affected by the intake of food and alcohol.

A necessary condition for the action of Tadalista is sexual stimulation. Also, it will not help in cases where there is no erectile dysfunction so Tadalista shouldn’t be used by a man with a normal erection.

What is very important to note is that Tadalista is a generic drug, that is, a drug that is made by a synthetic production. That makes it a much more effective drug than others and much cheaper than other drugs on the market.

Dosage and method of administration

Tadalista is for oral use only. The recommended dose is 20 mg, taken as necessary, about 1 hour before sexual activity. Based on individual efficacy and tolerability, the dose can be increased to 40 mg or reduced to 10 mg. If Tadalista is taken with food, the onset of action may be delayed in relation to taking the medicine on an empty stomach.

Indications for the use of Tadalista for erectile dysfunction?

Tadalista can be used primarily as a cure for erectile dysfunction in men, but in recent studies, it has been shown to be highly effective in the treatment of benign prostatic hyperplasia as well as in the treatment of pulmonary arterial hypertension which makes it a unique drug in a group of drugs of this type.


In accordance with its known effects on the nitric oxide (NO) system / cyclic guanosine monophosphate (cGMP) Tadalista has been shown to increase the hypotensive effect of nitrate, and therefore its simultaneous administration with NO substances (e.g. amyl- nitrite) or nitrates in any form is contraindicated.

Concurrent administration of phosphodiesterase 5 (PDE5) inhibitors, including tadalafil together with guanylate cyclase stimulants, such as riocygotate, is contraindicated because it can potentially lead to symptomatic hypotension.

Drugs for the treatment of erectile dysfunction, including Tadalista should not be used in men who are not advised to practice sexual activity (e.g. patients with severe cardiovascular diseases such as unstable angina pectoris or severe heart failure).
The use of Tadalista is contraindicated in patients with vision loss in one eye due to non-arteritic anterior ischemic optic neuropathy (NAION), regardless of whether this episode was associated with previous administration of PDE5 inhibitors or not.

What are the side effects of Tadalista?

The most commonly reported adverse reactions in clinical studies in people using Tadalista were:

• Headache,
• redness,
• dyspepsia,
• nasal congestion,
• vertigo,
• nausea,
• hot flashes,
• visual disturbances,
• and blurred vision.

This is the shortest list of side effects for the drug of this type.

Is there a special warning for Tadalista?

Before considering using Tadalista, it is necessary to take anamnesis and perform a physical examination of patients in order to establish the diagnosis of erectile dysfunction and to identify potential causes.

Tadalafil Tadalista pills for ED Treatment

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Cardiovascular risk factors

Before starting any therapy with erectile dysfunction, doctors should consider the condition of the cardiovascular system in the patient, as there is a certain degree of cardiovascular risk from the sexual activity itself.

Tadalista has a vasodilatory effect, leading to a mild and transient reduction in blood pressure.

Before prescribing Tadalista, doctors should carefully consider whether the patient’s existing condition may adversely affect the vasodilatory effect of Tadalista, especially in combination with sexual activity.

Patients with increased sensitivity to the vasodilatory effect are those with left ventricular obstruction of the left ventricle (e.g., aortic stenosis, hypertrophic obstructive cardiomyopathy), or those with a rare multiple systemic atrophy syndrome that exhibits severe damage to autonomic blood pressure control.

Serious cardiovascular events including myocardial infarction, unstable angina, sudden cardiac death, ventricular arrhythmias, cerebrovascular hemorrhage, transient ischemic attack (TIA), hypertension, and hypotension reported in post-marketing drug monitoring were associated with time using Tadalista.

In most of these patients, although not all of them, cardiovascular risk factors were present.

Many of these events occurred during or immediately after sexual intercourse, and a certain number was reported immediately after taking Tadalista.


Drugs for the treatment of erectile dysfunction, including Tadalista, should be used with caution in patients with anatomical deformation of the penis (e.g. angulation, cavernous fibrosis, or Peroni’s disease), or in patients with predisposing conditions (e.g. sickle cell anemia, multiple myeloma or leukemia).

During post-marketing use of Tadalista, the onset of prolonged erection and paroxysm has been reported. If it is not treated immediately, it can lead to tissue damage and permanent loss of potency.

Simultaneous use with alpha blockers

Caution is advised when Tadalista is applied in patients treated with alpha blockers, as their simultaneous application may cause symptomatic hypotension in a small number of sensitive individuals.

The effect on bleeding

Experiments on human thrombocytes indicate that Tadalista potentiates the anti-aggregation effect of sodium nitroprusside in vitro.

There are no data on the safety of Tadalista in patients with a bleeding disorder or active peptic ulcer.

Therefore, Tadalista can be used in these patients only after a careful estimate of the benefit-risk ratio.

Why you should purchase Tadalista?

Tadalista drug has proven to be a very effective drug in many segments:

It responds rapidly, keeps it long enough in circulation during sexual intercourse, very little side effects and a very affordable price makes this product best buy on the market.

Alternative Doctor Suggested Medicine for Cure ED

Tadalista 10mg | Tadalista 20mg | Tadalista 40mg | Tadalista 60mg | Tadalista Professional | Tadalista CT | Tadalista Super Active

2 reviews for Tadalista (Tadalafil)

  1. Mike Holder

    Great service by generic villa. order got on time and tadalista work for me.
    I’ve used them several times and always have fast service and excellent products. I have no complaints.

  2. Paul crawford

    Very effective

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