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What is fildena 100?

Fildena 100 is a medication that you use for curing problems with getting penile hardness. The beneficial aspect of the pills will be understood by someone who is suffering from ED or erectile dysfunction a disorder that does not allow your penis to become hard naturally with stimulation.

This purple pill will give you something that we call an induced erection with the powers of Sildenafil.

Remember that one must take the dose only after knowing what the doctors see the solution as.

Although not recommendable by the FDA FIldena 100 medicines will still need a prescription to buy as the generic substance within that is generic Sildenafil is an FDA approved substance.

When is Fildena recommended?

As it mainly improves the blood circulation in the body, it is useful in the following cases:

  • To treat sexual problems
  • Depression and stress caused by sexual dysfunction
  • Raynaud’s phenomenon
  • Pulmonary hypertension
  • High-altitude pulmonary edema

How should Fildena medicine be used?

Fildena 100 is a tablet belonging to the oral intake pills and therefore you just got to swallow one pill with water.

But with this being said do not forget that there are varieties of the strength of the dose and therefore one must need to find out the explicit dose for him.

Using the pills to find erectile hardness needs to approving by the end of the doctor or else you run the risk of potentially suffering from vigorous side effects due to an overdose or a possible contraindication case that you don’t know of.

Ideally, the Fildena 100 is for daily use with one pill taken each day after every period of 24 hours.

How to Take the Medication for Successful and Safe Effects?

FIldena 100 pills need close monitoring and adherence such that you do not take any excess amount. Remember that the generic active ingredient within the pills Fildena contains Sildenafil and this is helpful only when taken in the right amounts.

The generic ingredient that is Sildenafil Citrate hails from an entire family of drugs in which is not alone. There are other substances too such as Tadalafil, Vardenafil, Avanafil, Udenafil pills among others.

Generic Sildenafil belongs to the phosphodiesterase 5 (PDE-5) inhibitor. Using this gives rise to more flowing blood and preventing any stagnation in the blood flow internals that may lead you to get hard.

Directions to take Fildena 100 mg?

Fildena 100 mg is known to work the best for men suffering from ED and is usually taken before an approximate time of 30 minutes. This drug requires a person to be sexually stimulated and is usually recommended to start with a dosage of 50mg per day.

The dosage of this drug can always be pulled down to 25 mg per day and can be increased to 100mg per day. This drug should not be taken twice a day as it can cause an overdose of this drug.

This drug should be avoided with a high-fat meal as it can reduce the effectiveness of this medicine. This drug does not protect a person from any sexually transmitted diseases and requires a person to be equally careful.

Which Dosages of This medication?

The dose varieties that you can buy from a pharmacy store online or be it offline depends again on a lot of factors. Ideally, the doses will start at only 25mg which is the smallest dose of Fildena.

Then doses keep rising to FIldena 50mg, Fildena 100mg, Fildena 150mg and Fildena 2000mg.

The last dose as you can see is the largest.

With so many doses available for sale it might be difficult for a patient to visit the doctor and find a dose that suits him.

Any excess SIldnafil lying around will leave you suffering from side effects. 

Different variants of Fildena is as under:

  1. Cenforce 100
  2. Cenforce 150 Pills
  3. Cenforce 200 mg buy online

Drugs that are similar to Sildenafil Citrate: 

  1. Fildena 100 mg
  2. Fildena 120 mg
  3. Fildena Super Active 200 mg
  4. Super Fildena
  5. Fildena CT 100
  6. Fildena 50 mg
  7. Fildena 150 mg Extra Power

Precautions, Contraindications, and Restrictions for the Use of Fildena

It does not need any saying that the Fildena 100 pills will need you to have clearly understood the below precautions as this will help you to avoid side effects better.

Precautions are taken for Fildena 100 mg

It is important to see a doctor and intimate him with the medical history of the patient before getting this medicine prescribed to treat Erectile Dysfunction. There are various diseases that a doctor must know before prescribing this drug. They are listed as under:

  1. Blood pressure
  2. Liver Damage
  3. Cancer
  4. Kidney Damage
  5. Penis deformity

It is important to put down all the medical history on the consultation form before buying this drug.

Alcohol and drugs

Alcohol and drugs are contraindicating substances. You see if you take alcohol as your contraindication substance and still take Fildena 100 pills then this will lead to potentially having fewer efficacy with the use of the pills and of course not having the same hardness in erections.

Just like alcohol, there are also narcotic drugs like marijuana that you need to entirely avoid.

Driving or any other activity

Some activities may lead to more chances of suffering from an injury or an accident such as driving a car, crossing a busy highway, etc. 

Make sure that you are at home when using the pills.

Liver and kidney disorders

Some patients with kidney and liver disorders may seem to have less efficacy of generic Sildenafil or even cause any side effect due to potential contraindications arising out of using pills for curing the pre-existing disorders.

Use in females

Females are ideal to stay away from the Fildena 100 purple pill as this medication is means only for males and not females. Using the drug will help you to get a rock-hard erection.

How does Fildena work?

The Fildena 100 pill as soon as its chief generic component Sildenafil takes into being will inhibit the PDE-5 hormones within a few minutes. Remember that the actions of PDE-5 hormones allow the blood flow to keep in check. So as soon as this effect is gone then you will find the cGMP hormone concentration to increase. This will not happen normally as the effects of the PDE-5 or phosphodiesterase 5 (PDE  5) inhibitor hormones work as inhibitory agents for the cGMP hormones.

Anyways, cGMP concentration keeps rising with each passing minute and it is not long

before it can trigger in an agent called nitric oxide.

With this, the blood flow will rise further as this will allow the blood vessel tissues and arterial tissues to dilate causing more blood flow.

The higher blood flow means finally, you can find tablet-induced erections with the same stimulation. 

Where to buy Fildena 100 Tablet?

Depending on whether a person is willing to shop online using online means of payment such as Paypal or willing to buy it from a local pharmacy shop will depend entirely on the choices of the patient.

Buying from an online shop allows you to check out the prices of the pills from many websites all at once.

So to find the best deal all you have to do is find out the best Fildena 150 tablet providing ED cure.

Remember that buying online allows you to buy at slightly cheaper rates and you can check out ratings and comments and give your review. Before buying on from one website you will have to find out a few things in general such as the time for delivery. Whether home delivery is done in your area, and check out on the return and refund rules too, free shipping eligibility and minimum order value.

Whether you are living in the US, UK, or Australia, you can shop and buy this pill by buying it from an Indian wholesaler, or an online website.

Why should one Buy Fildena 100mg from us?:

  1. Low price: This medicine is available at the best price with us and comes with a free doctor consultation as this drug requires a person to have a doctors prescription.
  2. Privacy: This information shared at the store stays strictly confidential
  3. Home Delivery: This medicine can be bought online without one having to wait for hours in the line which saves the embarrassment of a man as well.
  4. Authenticity: Only Authentic Fildena is sold at the store which preserves the authenticity of this medicine.

Potential Risks and Side Effects

  – major

In a major number of people there can be more than one type or nature or intensity of side effects.

You see some of the most common and feeble to light-moderate types of side effects include which are mention below.

  • Headache
  • Back pain
  • Visibility issues
  • Nausea
  • Rashes
  • Skin problems
  • Dizziness
  • Flushing
  • Nasal congestion
  • Dyspepsia

These are those side effects that mostly disappear with you taking the first few doses of the medication.

But there are some more intense varieties of side effects that can be more concerning to a patient as they will have more pain and discomfort.

Such actions include faster throbbing of the heart, fall in blood pressure, fainting, chest pain, breathing difficulty, among others. Any side effects that you suffer from a need to be the highlight in front of the doctor.

  – minor

The use of Fildena 100 in minors below 18 years is not recommendable at all. Any minor below this age is not mandating by a doctor to use the Fildena 100.

When Not to Use Fildena pill?

Patients suffering from severely high cardiac disorders, liver and kidney disorders, or nerve problems are asked to stay at an arm’s length from using this medicine.

Fildena 100 purple vs viagra

The purple pill Fildena and Viagra are both the same classes of medicine containing the same generic ingredient that is Sildenafil for curing ED.

Viagra is a prescription pill but then Fildena is too. It is only that Viagra is recommending by the FDA but Fildea is not.

Buy fildena 100 Online at Generic Villa

Well either you can buy from a local medicine shop or check out an online website after comparing the price. Finding the best way of buying Fildena 100 will also depend much on the preferences of the user.

Time Frame took by this medicine to work?

The drug Fildena 100 mg takes around an hour to be effective and usually lasts for about 4 hours in the system.


Is Fildena FDA approved?

No, when you check out on a review of the medicines on the FDA official website you will not find the name of Fildena 100 given there. Rather you will find the name of Viagra. But with this being said remember that Fildena is a prescription brand as to buy any Sildenafil variant you will need to own a doctor’s prescription.

Is Fildena the same as Viagra?

Yes, Fildena and Viagra are the same. The only difference is that Viagra is approved from the FDA end whereas Fildena is not. Both the medicines contain the same generic ingredient that is Sildenafil.

How long does Fildena last?

Largely depending on the strength of the dose a pill of Fildena will last around 4-6 hours. As with Fildena 100 which is a moderate dose expect this dose to last or around 5 hours.

Is fildena 100 safe?

Of course, taking in Fildena 100 mg is safe as otherwise, the doctors would not have recommended the use of the pills. Fortune healthcare its manufacturing company from India is also trustable and reputable. 

Which is best sildenafil or viagra?

You see, there is no such difference between Sildenafil and Viagra. Sildenafil is a generic ingredient while Viagra is a branded one. But the generic content of Viagra is generic Sildenafil. And the same generic ingredient is again present in the pills of Fildena 100.

Can I take more than one Fildena pill for better results?

No, under no circumstance is taking in more than one pill of Fildena the safer option even not in the case of a severe form of ED. Patients should look forward to using just one tablet every 24 hours.

Is it safe to take Fildena 100mg on an empty stomach?

Yes, there is no harm in taking this medicine on an empty stomach as food can sometimes work in the opposite direction and can delay the working of the drug.

Can I buy this medicine without the doctor’s prescription?

No, in order to buy Fildena you must have a doctor’s permission. You can only buy this medicine if a doctor prescribes it to you.
The doctor will decide the right dosage for you based on your condition, age, and health. As per the guidance of your doctor, consume the medicine for the best results.

Is Fildena Dangerous?

It can lower down your blood pressure drastically if you take the medicine along with nitrated. So, it is a must to consult a doctor before you start taking this medicine.

Can I take Fildena every day?

You can pop up one medicine if you want to have sexual intercourse. You can take more than once if required. However, you should not take it every day.

Is there any alternative to fildena?

There are many alternatives like Cenforce 100, Kamagra, Lovato, Silagra, etc.

Will, does Fildena make you bigger?

You will be glad to know that it is gonna make you go bigger. It won’t change the actual size of your penis but, it will make your penis firmer and longer on stimulation.
So, after you consume Fildena your penis will be firmer during sex.


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