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About of Avana 50mg

  • Avana 50mg is a pill that allows you penis hardness. This is a pill of the oral category that contains Generic Avanafil one of the members of the PDE-5 hormone inhibiting pills.
  • The use of this pill will make your penis hard and you can overcome your lack of erections by getting the desired hardness suitable for penetration.
  • Avana 50 mg is a pill that allows you to have erectile hardness and the medically coined term for the disorder is ED or erectile dysfunction.

What is Avana 50mg?

  • Avana 50 mg Pill is an oral category drug inducing penile hardness. Although your hardness in penis erections will last only till the time Avanafil is active but still this is one of the most common medicines in the generic Avanafil category.
  • When you take a pill of generic Avana 50mg the blood flow through your penis tissues increases which allows you to have penis hardness.
  • Remember that when you visit your doctor your primary concern should be whether you are okay with taking in the Avana 50mg dose and how frequently you should use the pills.

How to Use Avana 50mg

  • Generally, the pills of Avana Pill will be prescribed to you in such a way that is suitable for your body. Take it in the doses as prescribed by your doctor and do not unnecessarily go for an overdose.
  • Remember that taking an overdose will not allow you to hold on to erections for longer but rather they will trigger side effects.
  • Generally, the pills can be taken daily for holding on to a consistent level of generic Avanafil in your body.

How does Avana 50mg works?

  • Generic Avana 50mg has the erection-inducing substance in it that is generic Avanafil. This is a PDE-5 hormone blocker that will block the actions of the PDE-5 hormones.
  • Soon this will result in the secretion of another hormone that is the cGMP hormone that past a certain concentration will trigger the effects of vasodilation due to nitric oxide.
  • Due to this, the blood vessels would increase the blood volumes flowing to the penis and this will cause hardness in the penis after stimulating it.

How to take Avana 50mg?

  • While taking in your Avana 50mg pills all you have to do is gulp down a pill whole with water down your throat.
  • Alcohol use for intake can trigger side effects as alcohol has this contraindicating tendency of vigorously reacting with Avana 50mg tablet Avanafil.
  • Also, remember that during intake no other techniques are allowed such as making a solution of the pills by crushing it or chewing the pills.

Avana 50mg Dosage

  • The Avana 50mg dose is equivalent to a dose of 50 mg of generic Avanafil. But this is not the only dose under this brand name. There are other dose variants too.
  • You should ideally use Avana 50 mg in the way that has been prescribed in the doctor’s prescription. For using Avana the choice of time for taking in the dose is as per the willingness of the patients.
  • Both intakes in an empty stomach in the morning or a filled-in stomach after having your meals are allowed.
  • Just one thing that you have to remember is that you have to give around 30 minutes for the actions of generic Sildenafil to begin.

Is  Avanafil safe?

  • The only way it is safe is in instances when the doctor says you. Remember that some people are also allergic to generic Avanafil. Buy Avana 50 Online at a low price From Genericvilla.
  • If you use Avanafil generic Avana 50mg despite being allergic to it then this can trigger the wrath and curse of side effects on you.

Does Avanafil make you bigger?

  • Avanafil is not a substance that has any influence to make your penis size bigger. Taking in Avanafil does not have any influence on increasing your penis size.
  • During erectile hardness, you might experience your penis getting hard and becoming longer but this is natural as during erections the penis tissues become stiff filled with blood and this naturally increases their size.
  • But taking in Avanafil Avana 50mg will not have any further increase in your size.

Does Avanafil keep you hard after coming?

  • Avanafil is not a substance that keeps you hard after coming. This is in no way a sexual performance enhancer. The only medicated use of Avana 50 mg for sale it is to achieve penile hardness.
  • Using Avanafil will do not has any influence on whether you can maintain it hard after having your erections. But this will rather depend on your sexual behavior and overall sexual health.
  • Generally, anyone suffering from ED might experience a higher latency time.

Precautions for using Avana 50


Alcohol is highly contraindicating with Avana 50. This is a pill that will instantly generate side effects if taken alcohol immediately before or after using Avana 50.


Driving or doing any other job that demands concentration and focus can increase the chances of injuries or accidents. This is because anyone using Avana 50 might experience commonly occurring side effects like drowsiness, dizziness, sleepiness, etc.

Drugs and grape juice

Avoid using drugs like cocaine or marijuana and grape juice as these two substances also come under the list of contraindicating agents with Avana 50.

Severe disorders

Sometimes patients may suffer from severe heart diseases, nerve diseases, severe type-2 diabetes, or liver and kidney problems in which the doctor might also bar you from using pills of Avana 50.


Remember that while there are substances like alcohol, narcotic drugs, and grape juice belonging from the category of the non-medicinal group having contraindicative measures there are some medicines as well that might contraindicate with generic Avana 50.

Some pills like-

  • A few brands of antibacterial, antiviral and antifungal drugs
  • All alpha-blocker pills
  • All medicines with nitrate derivative compounds in them
  • Some pills acting as blood anticoagulants
  • Some contraceptive pills
  • All HIV and AIDS curing pills
  • Pills that control and regulate blood pressure

Side effects

Side effects may occur in some patients that is a possible indication of overdose or allergic tendencies.

  • Headache
  • Dizziness
  • Diarrhea
  • Vomiting
  • Nausea
  • Stomach pain
  • Itching
  • Tremors
  • Palpitations
  • Rashes
  • Fall in blood pressure
  • Chest pain
  • Blurred vision
  • Lower libido
  • Priapism


Is  Avana 50mg Too Much?

Avana 50 mg is a medicine that on average is one of the smallest doses and the reason being quite simple that is only the second smallest dose of generic SIldnaifl with this brand name that you can take.

The 50 mg of generic Sildenafil that you get with one pill of Avana 50 mg is enough to cure mild to moderate cases of ED.

When the drug should not be used?

  • In some cases, the doctors prefer to suggest patients not using the drug. Such cases will include-
  • When you are highly addicted to drugs
  • On examining when it is found that you are allergic to generic Sildenafil
  • You are using some contraindicating medicine to cure other pre-existing disorders.

Where can I purchase Avana 50mg Online?

Check out the Genericvilla online websites to make your first order.

Do check out on the discounts and offers just like most people do but do not forget to check out on the delivery time, and the shipping costs and local courier charges, and whether you have to pay for any customs charges apart from the taxes.

Can I take Avana 50mg daily?

Generally, a dose of Aavana 50 mg is okay to be taken daily provided that you have got the recommendation from a doctor. 50 mg of generic Avanafil if the patient keeps on taking the recommendable doses is going to provide you with a consistent level of generic Sildenafil.

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