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Today is World Yoga Day 2019. Yoga is very necessary and beneficial for all human beings if it is practiced by all on a daily basis in the early morning. The official name of this day is UN International Yoga Day and also called Yoga Day. It is a worldwide event celebrated by the people of all countries through practicing yoga, meditation, debates, meetings, discussions, a variety of cultural performances, etc.

Erectile Dysfunction is caused when a man is not able to achieve or sustain an erection for a suitable amount of time. Various researches show that yoga can actually help a man in achieving better sex. There are many reasons that can cause Erectile Dysfunction, It can be due to the restricted flow of blood in the penis, emotional limitations, or physiological in nature. ED in many cases is treated medically by consuming certain drugs or in some cases surgically, both having a good list of cons. Taking drugs for Erectile Dysfunction can in some cases cause side effects and is never a totally safe option to go for. There are some alternate options that people consider and one such being Yoga.

Relationship of Yoga with Erectile Dysfunction

  1. Yoga is known to be an ancient practice of breathing and movement
  2. There are some studies that link Yoga to make sexual life
  3. There are researches that show a reduction in ED while practicing Yoga

Best Yoga poses which are best for Erectile Dysfunction

There is no explicit research about yoga poses and their relation in reducing Erectile Dysfunction. Though there is a certain observation that is made on the human body which is known to reduce stress which in turn can boost the important sex life of a person. Some of the Yoga Poses that are recommended to reduce Erectile Dysfunction are as under:

Ardha Matsyendrasana – Half Lord of the Fishes

This posture of Yoga increases the flow of blood and promotes digestion. This also puts many organs of a human body under pressure such liver, spleen, pelvic region, etc. Because of that, it is beneficial for Erectile Dysfunction. How to proceed Ardha Matsyendrasana:

  • Start by being in a seated position with legs stretched in a forward motion.
  • Start bending the right leg at the knee while having it crossed over the left leg.
  • Start twisting and for someone who is flexible, you should try to clasp the hands behind the back.
  • Release the posture and start with the first step again.
  • Repeat the same from the other direction.


This is a classic position for yoga and is also referred to as Perfect Posture if maintained for a longer period of time. This pose helps in stimulating the pelvic region which also promotes the flexibility of men down there. Directions to how to proceed are given below:

  • With your legs stretched forward, sit on the floor.
  • Cross the left leg just at the knee while placing the left foot inside the right thigh
  • Repeat the same from the right leg while placing the right foot over the left ankle.
  • It is important to see if the right heel is pressing against the pubic bone.

It is also done by deep breathing while staying in the same position.


This is also known as Eagle Pose and requires a balance of mind as well as body. For beginners, one should stand in front of the wall or near furniture. This posture increases the flow of blood to the pelvis which makes it one of the reasons why people with Erectile Dysfunction practice it. Given below are the directions of how to practice it:

  • Stand straight and imagine your left leg to be the grounded, well connected forming the root of our body. Live your right leg slowly while slowly twisting it to your left knee.
  • Place the top front side of the foot to touch the left half of the leg.
  • Bend your knee as much as you can and lift your arms to the height of your shoulder to make it cross the other.
  • Lock this position for about 5-10 secs. Release the posture and repeat the same on the other side of the leg.


This posture is also known to promote motility and relieve stomach cramps. This posture is known as Wind Relieving Pose. This posture also helps in warming the pelvic muscles as well as the reproductive organs. This is how it is performed:

  • Stretch your legs on the floor while lying down
  • Start inhaling and exhaling while bringing your knee towards the chest.
  • Wrap your arms around the knee while pulling it closer to the stomach.
  • Start inhaling and exhaling while maintaining the same position
  • Release the posture and start doing the same on the other side
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This is known as Corpse Pose and is performed in a yoga class. It is known to be one of the most difficult ones to perform. This posture requires one to stay quiet while focusing on breathing.

  • Lay back on the floor while stretching arms on both the sides of the body.
  • Slowly start visualizing each part of the body, starting with your toes, ankle, knee, etc.
  • Visualize the left leg of the body.
  • Breathe deeply and maintain focus while relaxing at the same time. Stay in the posture for 15 to 20 minutes.

Yoga poses to avoid

There are no yoga poses as such that can have a negative effect on the sexual performance of a man. But a posture down wrongly can strain the body which can have a negative effect on the body overall. It is important to seek professional help while going for Intense Yoga. You can treat ED with the best men’s pills

Studies about Yoga and Erectile Dysfunction:

Yoga is beneficial for many things and is known to reduce things like:

  1. Body Mass Index
  2. Blood Pressure
  3. Heart Rate of a Person

Having high blood pressure and excessive weight are both linked with Erectile Dysfunction and yoga can actually help in curbing both of them. Yoga is known to increase the flow of blood around the genitals and helps in enhancing the sexual function of the body. Other than that, Yoga is great for curing stress which helps men in performing better in bed.

Why is it better than medication?

Yoga as much as we can see does not have any side effects and is known to show positive results when it comes to Erectile Dysfunction. Medication, on the other hand, has its own set of disadvantages. But a quick solution for ed you should try ED pill after taking consultation of a doctor.

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