No Diet Day And Cure Erectile Dysfunction

No Diet Day And Cure Erectile Dysfunction

Let us learn about No Diet

No Diet day represents represent a five-month journey into the current year and a nearly half-year distance from our New Year’s’ Resolutions. For those people out there who held a resolution of losing all that extra weight, you have practiced five months of diet and healthy eating. Summer is almost here and all that effort has shown off and now you can look fantastic in all those summer clothes. Such an achievement deserves some celebration and recognition and that is why the No Diet Day exists. On this much earned day, people are allowed to free themselves from the dietary plan and enjoy the day full of bliss and glorious freedom.

Over the past years, there has been a body shaming trend associated with any person who has less than a Hollywood perfect body. One of the direct reasons for unhealthy diet plans and eating disorders is associated with unrealistic photoshopped images of movie stars and models. No Diet Day day promotes the idea of healthy eating healthy and living a healthy lifestyle, independent of the body type. The day is mostly celebrated in countries that have strong feminist movements in practice.

Losing weight by following an unhealthy lifestyle and starving yourself is not the way to go about. In almost every case, the person ends up gaining all that weight back within five years of losing it. It is just a hack but not a solution and moreover is not healthy at all and can be very dangerous for health. Because of these unhealthy practices and health hazards organizations all over the world have asked fashion industries to label the pictures that have used photoshop to edit the pictures or in some cases have the banned the use of photoshop all together!

How to celebrate No Diet Day

No Diet Day is all about realizing that your body is beautiful the way it is, no matter the shape. It is best the way it is. It is all about emphasizing the focus from losing weight and emphasizing the focus on living a healthy lifestyle. It is better to start the holiday with the focus on living a healthier lifestyle rather than putting in efforts to look a particular way. Shift your focus from the final goal of getting that pear shared or sand clock shaped the body to being more active and keeping your body healthy. Taking shortcuts to lose weight is a great way to lose weight in the most unhealthy way. Such shortcuts cause more harm to the body and affect the overall health and well being of a person. Leading a healthy lifestyle helps in keeping away from a lot of complications,  one of them being erectile dysfunction. Erectile Dysfunction can be treated by some basic lifestyle changes and eating habits. Let’s talk a little more about that.

No Diet Day And Erectile Dysfunction

No Diet Day emphasizes on leading a healthy lifestyle which helps in preventing a lot of diseases and also helps in controlling some. Erectile Dysfunction is a man’s inability to maintain an erection. Getting an erection or even maintaining one is not the source is a concern but not being able to get an erection repeatedly causes a lot of stress, low self-esteem and results in relationship problems as well.

Erectile Dysfunction is normally treated by taking medications like Viagra, Cialis or Levitra but these medications do have a lot of side effects on men. They can be unsafe for some men or they just won’t help relieve symptoms. In some cases when the testosterone levels have reduced, doctors recommend a  testosterone replacement therapy. Surgical removal of the blockage in the blood vessels or in some cases implants may also be practiced if other treatments don’t work.

Enough said about medicine and medical procedures, the first option should be to explore should some basic lifestyle changes and bad habits. If your doctor is not able to pinpoint any cause, he will recommend some diet, habit and lifestyle changes that may be helpful.

The role of lifestyle in ED

If the cause for erectile dysfunction is not medical or psychological, then your doctor will examine your lifestyle and habits to understand if anything could be found there. Not being able to get an erection is related to abnormal blood flow in the penile veins and some lifestyle habits can contribute to the reduced blood flow causing erectile dysfunction. Healthy habits that are normally recommended to prevent heart diseases can also help in treating erectile dysfunction. These habits include regular exercise, eating a healthy diet, maintaining a healthy weight, avoiding alcohol and cigarettes.

There are a lot of good reasons to believe that a healthy lifestyle and healthy eating habits can help in preventing erectile dysfunction or even reverse it. Eating healthy and exercising regularly reduces the risk of some common vascular problems that are caused due to high blood sugar, high triglyceride levels, overweight or high cholesterol. Following a healthy lifestyle helps in improving the blood flow and erectile dysfunction is a problem of blood flow.  Keeping your vessels happy and in good shape help in reducing erectile dysfunction.

The Massachusetts Male Aging Study has found a direct relationship between erectile dysfunction and diet. According to study men who ate more fresh fruits and vegetables, whole grains and avoided processed grains red meat were less likely to have erectile dysfunction as opposed to men who did the opposite. Eating certain types of good and avoiding certain types can help a long way in preventing erectile dysfunction.

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Here are some food items that should be consumed or avoided to prevent or reverse erectile dysfunction:

Avoid alcohol and drugs

Excessive consumption of alcohol worsens erectile dysfunction and also reduces the sex drive. So if you are a drinker you should reduce the intake of alcohol or better just stay away from it.

Consume cocoa

Studies have shown that consuming cocoa helps in improving the blood flow in the penis which helps in getting an erection. Cocoa contains antioxidant compounds called flavonoids that improve overall cardiovascular health.

Pick pistachios

Pistachio nuts are more than just a tasty snack. Studies have shown that men who consumed pistachio showed improvements in some parameters related to erectile dysfunction like the International Index of Erectile Function score. Pistachios also help with cholesterol levels and blood pressure.

Reach for watermelon

A compound present in this picnic fruits called citrulline helps in relaxing blood vessels which helps in improving the blood flow in the same way other erectile medications do. Also, Texas A&M University has found a direct relation between erectile dysfunction and watermelon.

And Cure with Erectile Dysfunction Pill?

Views on herbal supplements for treating erectile dysfunction are still controversial as the safety and effectiveness of the supplements are still not very clear and they come with a lot of side effects. But still, there are supplements that have shown some effects in treating erectile dysfunction.

You can also use below medication for ED cure:

Fildena 100 mg

Cenforce 100 mg

Cenforce 200 mg

Cenforce 150 mg

Super P Force

Instead of jumping on supplements and risking the side effects it is better to consult your doctor and alter some lifestyle changes and habits.

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