Lumigan vs Generic Latisse

Lumigan Vs Generic Latisse


  • Lumigan is a well-known and popular eye solution that most women use to get rid of glaucoma which is a problem related to eye pressure.
  • The drug has been manufactured to keep patients away from the pressure as it helps in the reduction of the pressure present in the optic nerve which results in lesser eye discomfort.
  • The solution may be used by putting some drops in the eye just like any other eye drops call mom these drops my calls. The change in the color of the high, or darkening of the area around the skin of eyelid and eyelashes.
  • However, such negative consequences of using this isolation can be treated as well as reversed.

What is Generic Latisse? 

  • A generic version of Latisse Known as Bimatoprost Ophthalmic solution for eyes Was announced by the company named Sandoz.
  • Generic Latisse is a prostaglandin I solution which house in the treatment of Hypertrichosis. which is an issue related to eyelashes as it helps in the growth, thickness, darkness, length of the eyelash.
  • Researchers have witnessed that the growth in the eyelashes takes place as the eye solution increases the number of hairs in the eyelashes. The precise working and functioning of this eye solution remain unknown. Buy Generic Latisse Online at a cheap price and make your look beautiful.

What is glaucoma?

  • Glaucoma is a medical disturbance that is related to the increment of pressure that affects the nerves present in your eyes.
  • Glaucoma can majorly be confidential into two types. One type is known as open-angle glaucoma and the other one has been called closed angle Glaucoma.
  • The reasoning behind the classification of eye disease has been based on the problems. That occur when this disease takes place in an individual’s eye.
  • The closed angle Glaucoma is usually treated by attempting medical surgery. However, open-angle glaucoma is usually treated by the prescription and recommendation of certain drugs by the doctor.
  • This disease may result in diminishing eyesight in a patient and if taken for granted the person may even suffer complete eyesight loss.
  • Hence, Lumigan that is chemically built by using Bimatoprost Is the medical treatment that has been approved by doctors and getting rid of glaucoma. You must always follow the guidance and prescribed recommendations of your doctor.

Lumigan vs Generic Latisse

  • The major shared characteristic of Lumigan and Generic Latisse Is that both of these I solutions are under a similar marketing brand named Allergan.
  • Both these medicines consist of a similar active chemical ingredient named Bimatoprost.
  • However, the food and drug administration of the USA has not yet approved the marketing and purchase of these eye solutions overseas.
  • Lumigan is majorly used by people that are suffering from glaucoma and want to get rid of it, on the other hand, Generic Latisse Is famous among ladies to develop and grow eyelashes thicker and longer.
  • Such differences and implications between the two medicines are remarkably significant as they are legitimately restricted to the recommendation and prescription of a doctor.
  • The quantity of the chemical composition that is present in both these medicines may not be the same.
  • Ordinarily, Latisse is consistent and having not more than 3 ML and Lumigan is known for containing 2.5 ML of their unique chemical composition. However, this might not be the case every time.

Missed Dose

  • In case you witness that you have missed the dose of one of these drugs, you mustn’t he is the drug at unwanted times.
  • If your doctor has recommended this medicine for a special timeline use, It must strictly be followed.
  • If you miss the drug and realize it later apply it as soon as you can; Just make sure that you are keeping at least 8 or 10 hours of the time difference between your missed and next dosage. You can also use Careprost for make you eyelashes long.


  • Overdosing on any such medicines is unhealthy. Overdosing on any of the medicine out there is strictly prohibited, you must always be cautious about your dosage.
  • In case, you have witnessed an overdose of any of these drugs, you must immediately rush to your nearest medical center and get yourself medically examined.
  • Or you may also try to speak with your doctor ask for guidance. You must take overdosing sincerely, as it may result in fatal result in some cases.

Conceivable SIDE EFFECTS

  • Your eyes may start getting Sensitive to light
  • Illusions may start to occur
  • You may feel Stinging or pricking/soreness
  • Chances of day-time Dizziness/headache
  • Chances of Cold or any breathingissues in some cases
  • Conjunctival hyperemia has been witnessed by some.


  • Avoid the drug if you are allergic to any of its chemical architecture.
  • If you suffer from Kidney/liver/respiratory sickness
  • During breastfeeding or pregnancy

HOW TO Store it?

Safe and secure storage of drugs is important for your health.

  • You may scrap the bottle after using it for 4 weeks
  • You may want to store the medicine at a maximum of 25°C
  • Hide from children’s range


After everything we know about Lumigan and Latisse, We conclude that both are to be used for different reasons. Although, you will witness your eyelashes getting grown up, developed, thicker by using Lumigan. 

Your lashes are going to get Thicker, denser, and longer after applying for these medicines. It is recommended to use them once a day, or however, your doctor suggests. If you decided to choose you lower or increase your dosage without consulting a doctor. You may not achieve the best results.

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