Important Sex Conversations For A Healthy Relationship

Important Sex Conversations For A Healthy Relationship

Communication is very important for a healthy relationship. Discussing issues and letting it all out solves a lot of things.

If you are in love you will always expect the other person to listen to you and understand you in every way possible, and the other person would expect the same.

Couples who discuss some tricky yet important issues “like what’s going wrong in the sex life” or “how to make it better in the bedroom” have much higher chances of having a happy and healthy relationship.

Couples that try to ignore such uncomfortable conversations are more likely to let it pile up inside them and affect the relation overall in a bad way. Having these healthy conversations improve the strength and durability of the relationship.

Apart from sexual intimacy issues, there are more such conversations on the list. After multiple surveys and researches, we have listed down some conversations that are a must-have with your partner before jumping right under the sheets(or on them).

Having these conversations makes the entire experience of having sex more comfortable and enjoyable.

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Your sexual limits

Having new sexual experiences can be good but sometimes it may just end up going in the wrong direction.

It is very important to set some boundaries before trying something new in bed. Sometimes your likes might not sit very well with your partner.

Or maybe something you have been wanting to try for very long but just can’t get the courage to try it, because you are scared she won’t like it but you just might surprise yourself with her response, all you have to do is talk!

There is a list of just three things in which you can break the conversation. For starters, you can start talking about your sexual fantasies one by one.

Then you can strike out the things that are a big no-no! In the case of females, the most common no-no is anal sex or in some cases being blindfolded. And the final thing is to have a safe word.

When one says the safe word, whatever it is that is happening should be stopped right away. A safeword should not be anything sexual or else it might create some confusion.

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When you feel like you are stuck in a rut

Sometimes just because a couple is not verbal about their sex life, they can just get stuck in a pattern of sexual positions that are not even enjoyable anymore. Following the same pattern and not doing anything new becomes too dull and boring.

It all sounds like something a lot of people go through but getting out of that rut is important and doable.

You can talk to a sex therapist or even get a sex coach. Having a coach sometimes creates an open space for couples to get more open about their sexual life and actually do something about it.

Even reading about these issues together can be helpful in ins some cases. There are books that are specially designed for couples to be read together giving them tips and ideas to spice up their sexual lives.

When one of you is doing through sexual dysfunction

Sometimes not being able to get it up, Erectile Dysfunction, premature ejaculation, or even female sexual dysfunction can come in between enjoying sexual intimacy.

Encouraging your partner and communicating when something is not going right can be very helpful in a long way. If you are getting turn on and are not getting wet, you can tell him by signaling and he can do something to make the experience more enjoyable for you.

Or if he is the one exercising dysfunction you can push him by saying things like “pleasure me” or “no one does it like you” can take some heat off him. Just make it crystal clear what you want, men are way too eager to please women.

Now if the problem still stays even outside the bedroom you can still get it out in the open and talk about it.

You can tell him that okay and that both of you are together in this and he’s not alone. One shouldn’t shy away from such conversations as they can lead to bigger issues in the future.

Whether anyone needs to be tested

This isn’t about how many sexual partners one has had, this is simply about being smart and on the safer side.

There is no judgment involved. STD crawls on a human just like the common cold and sore throat. It is best to talk about such things in a more mt of fact manner rather than making a huge deal out of them.

Communicating by saying things like “I use a pill of condoms or birth control” or “this is my idea of safe sex and anything above it won’t be appreciated” are good conversation starters.

It is very important to talk about these things first and then hit the bed. Starting with a clean slate is better than regretting things later.

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If you are not in the right mood

Sometimes you are just not in the mood to have sex. No matter how much fun sex is sometimes you are just too tired to do it or sometimes you just don’t want to do so much physical exercise.

This is human nature and there is nothing wrong with feeling this way, all you have to do is talk to your partner and tell them that you are not in the mood. If one person is into it and the other person is not, it is just not fun. Sex is better when there is an emotional connection.

So ist better to talk about it rather than just doing it. These issues pile up and may result in even deeper issues in the future.

You cannot always just expect the other person to know what you are feeling without even talking about it.

You have to talk to them and let them know and trust me they will listen. If you are not in the mood and give them a smile and tell them that tonight is not the night but you love them, anyway.

But make sure to tell them that there’s nothing wrong and nothing has changed, you are just not in the mood.

Frequency of sex

No matter how corporate or robotic it sounds but couples should talk about the frequency and timings of having sex, to fit in sex in their busy schedules because it is equally important.

It is very important to have an open conversation about how much sex each partner needs to remain satisfied. Things should end up in a situation where one is not getting too much sex and the other pressure is feeling pressured into having more sex than they want to have.

Once that is out in the open then you can get to more specific details like sex in the bathroom or period sex or anal sex.

Night time is not the only time when people can have sex, you can have it anytime anyplace as you please as-as you want. Just remember to be vocal about it.

Conversations are the key to a happy and relationship. Having a healthy and active sex life is very important for a relationship. It is what divides romantic relationships with other kinds of relationships.

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