How To Treat Erectile Dysfunction Naturally- Weird Ways To Improve Your Sex Life

How To Treat Erectile Dysfunction Naturally- Weird Ways To Improve Your Sex Life

With age, our body deteriorates and the energy levels drop down and so does physical efficiency. In our 20s we could run fast but speed our pace slows down. However, with age, there are few sports that one can play and enjoy. Well, the statement holds true for the game of sex.  However, there is a common issue that disturbs some 40% of male members all across the globe and it is Erectile Dysfunction. The term ED has been hyped but it is a situation and not a disease. ED can be easily tackled with help of certain medications like Cenforce, Cenforce 150, Super P Force and these have no side effects. However, it is only under medical supervision that these medicines should be consumed.

More about Erectile Dysfunction:

Erectile Dysfunction (ED) can occur for a wide variety of reasons. At times it could result as a side effect of some medications. However, at times there are some complex reasons that can result in ED. Ed can result from neurological disease, diabetes, prostate-related treatment, vascular disease, or some surgeries.

As mentioned earlier ED is a condition and not a disease. However, it helps in a dissatisfying sexual experience that can devastate any person or relationship. With certain small changes, one can easily overcome ED and enjoy a delightful sexual experience.

Here are few tips that can work in improving your sex life by overcoming ED:

Few tips that can work in improving your sex life

Start Walking

As per the research done by Harvard University, it was observed that 30 minutes of walk on daily basis could reduce the symptoms of ED by 41%. Also, some moderate exercises can work positively in reducing cardiovascular diseases and boost the sexual performance of middle-aged men.

Eat right

We are what we eat, this is a common saying and holds true in most cases. It is no denial of the fact that the type of food that one consumes can directly or indirectly affect sexual abilities and performance. Certain diet food rich in vitamins and minerals like fruits, vegetables, whole grains, and fish can reverse the symptoms of ED. Eliminating red and processed meat, refined grains and sugar can also decrease the chances of a person getting affected by ED.

Don’t ignore the vascular health

High blood pressure, high sugar levels, high cholesterol, high triglycerides can damage the arteries and result in a heart attack or brain stroke, and finally affecting the penis leading to ED. Thus not only for a healthy life but also for an enjoyable sex life paying focus on vascular health is crucial. Consult a doctor if you feel that there is a problem with the performance it could indicate a serious underlying condition. With small lifestyle changes and if required some medicines, your vascular and sexual health can tremendously improve.

Pelvic exercises

Enough has been documented about the importance of including a workout regime in your lifestyle. However, the workout should not only be limited to the biceps or waistline. Enough focus should be given to pelvic floor exercises. The strong pelvic floor enhances rigidity during erections and regulates blood flow in the penis by pressing the key vein. Thus erection is sustained for a long.

Improve the quality of life

Alcohol, smoking, drugs, or even weed can negatively affect the quality of life. The substances can loosen you up but in the long run, will surely dampen the spirit and cause ED. The culprits can affect sexual reflexes by damaging the central nervous system. Cutting out the elements or rather removing them from your life can boost your sexual pleasures.


Ginseng has been referred to as the natural and herbal Viagra. Consuming 600 – 1000 milligrams three times a day can help in improving sexual performance by curing erectile dysfunction. It is advised to get “ red ginseng”. It is derived by steaming and drying the root. Ginseng is a natural product thus has no side effects yet if you are on certain medications like Fildena 100, Suhagra 100, Cenforce 200 Sildenafil, or any other then consulting the doctor is required.


The amino acid L-arginine is naturally present in the body and helps to make nitric oxide and this relaxes blood vessels to achieve an erection. A small quantity of 5 grams on daily basis can help in getting big improvements in cases of ED. It reduces blood pressure thus consulting a doctor before consuming L-arginine is required.


Amino acids are very helpful in cases of ED. Amino acid citrulline is found in huge quantities in watermelon and it increases blood flow to the penis. As per research amino acid citrulline if consumed daily can positively affect and improve erections. Therefore not only for taste but also for better health and sexual life-consuming watermelon is beneficial.

Psychological issues

At times ED is a result of psychological issues. Men who experience ED due to psychological reasons often respond well to techniques that move around sensation techniques. Sensate focus exercises involve slow build-up over sessions to learn about your body and your partner’s body. It helps in reducing anxiety and stress thus this helps in improving sexual pleasures.

The key is communication

Communicate with your partner and opening up and bonding with your partner can help in improving sexual performance. It will relax the mind and thus result in better sexual life. A candid conversation with a partner helps to enjoy the moments of togetherness. Be clear about the changes of body and its requirements thus it will help in better performance.

Stay happy and stress-free as this is the key to a better and improved sex life.

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